Who plays at online casinos

Who plays at online casinos

November 16, 2018 Main 0

The biggest stumbling block to many first time players is that they do not know what kind of people play at online casinos. Well, there is a simple answer: everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t particularly helpful, so let’s explore some of the kinds of people who play, what they play, and their motivations.
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First, let’s look at the social players. Social players go to online casinos in order to get to know new people and to have a bit of fun with other players. Online bingo is a popular option for such players, as the game is straightforward to play and players are encouraged to use the in-game chat. These players enjoy the shared excitement of gambling with others, but prefer the convenience and security of online gambling to live venues.

Next there are the competitive players. These are the ones who enter the slots tournaments, the blackjack tournaments, the poker tournaments and anything else that pits them against other players in some way. They are driven by the competitive aspect of some gambling games and love the satisfaction of a win over other players.

The time killers are one of the largest beginner groups. They tend to play practically anything, but will usually end up with a favorite game or two that they play most regularly. Pai gow poker can be an excellent game for this kind of player, due to its slower play style. Slots tend to be more popular, however, due to the ease of play, the potential prizes, and the low cost per play that can allow a small amount of money to last a long time. Many social players start out as time killers before finding social games and becoming social players or even developing a competitive streak to become competitive players.

Finally, there are the thrill seekers. Close cousins to the competitive players, the thrill seekers just love the excitement of gambling. They’ll try their hand at anything, but are likely to prefer the fast paced games like blackjack or games that have multiple stages, like three card poker.

These are just generalizations. Every gambler has different motivations, but these groups represent a decent proportion of the players out there. The beauty of these groupings is that people from any background can belong to one of them. Men, women, wealthy and not-so-wealthy – it doesn’t matter who you are, something about online casinos can appeal to you. You also might not always be the same kind of player. Often, people start as one type and then change when they discover games that they were not familiar with before.

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