BetStopper Software Makes Casinos Even Safer

BetStopper Software Makes Casinos Even Safer

February 26, 2018 Main 0

While the most trusted online casinos do everything they can to stop minors from playing, parents also need to help in preventing children from accessing casino sites. The difficulty of this has previously stopped some parents from using online casinos themselves, but new BetStopper software helps prevent children from accessing online gambling sites.

The most trusted online casinos can normally stop minors due to the restrictions of obtaining the necessary financial tools to play at online casinos. Also, as withdrawal from the most trusted online casinos will normally require proof of identity, there are many barriers to minors playing for real money at an online casino. However, nothing is foolproof. The best way to keep minors away from online casinos is to block their access to the sites in the first place, which BetStopper achieves in a fascinating way.

Through a combination of blocking known gambling URLs and by analyzing site content for gambling language, BetStopper helps online casinos and parents to keep kids away from gambling. The program is password protected, and a great feature is that it sends an email when it is turned off. This means that parents can easily find out if the program has been directly turned off when it should not have been.

Parents who have an interest in online gambling have often had to have second thoughts due to the possibility of children accessing the sites, so this could allow a swathe of parents to join the most trusted online casinos knowing that they can keep their children away. Concerns about how safe and secure casinos are to play at can be easily assuaged by simply using licensed and regulated casinos with good reputations, like those on our casino reviews page.

Remember, actively monitoring your child’s Internet usage is the best way to protect them. It isn’t possible to be everywhere at once, though, which is why the BetStopper software could become a valuable tool to many parents who would like to play at the most trusted online casinos while ensuring their children will not access them.

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