Antigua Tightens Up Online Casino Regulation

Antigua Tightens Up Online Casino Regulation

January 14, 2018 Main 0

Antigua and Barbuda are increasing their online casino regulation, as the Antiguan Directorate of Offshore Gambling (ADOG) hopes to improve the reputation of itself and the operators under it.

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Their reputation was looking strong when the UK Gaming Commission gave the Antiguan Directorate of Offshore Gambling a White Listing. Unfortunately, regulatory problems arose with Allen Stanford, head of a vast banking empire based in Antigua, which damaged the reputation of the Financial Service Regulatory Commission (FSRC). The ADOG is a branch of the FSRC, and its own reputation has suffered as a result.

The ADOG is now moving to clear the air by instituting tougher regulations. Kaye McDonald, the Director of Gaming for the ADOG, believes that strict regulations for gaming are likely to result from any changes to the FRSC from the investigation into it.

Kaye McDonald believes that the casino operators and their reputation will benefit from tighter regulations, however, and that the casinos understand this.

“They recognize that a strong regulatory system protects their players and enhances the credibility of the industry in general, which is in everyone’s mutual interest,” said McDonald.

This action to maintain faith in regulatory bodies is one of the reasons that the most trusted online casinos are licensed and regulated casinos. While the ADOG has not been called into question directly, it understands that players may lose faith if its parent organization is called into question and so it has taken action to maintain player faith through rigorous regulation of its licensees.

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